Date Ideas Galore!

I was recently talking to a friend that hasn’t left the dating scene yet and we started talking about where to take a potential sweetheart and:

  1. make it memorable
  2. not choose some cliché option
  3. not break the bank

I found I had a really hard time coming up with something original and sweet. So, I did a little brainstorm, a little research and came up with a few dates that should work for both long-time married couples (darling husband, I do hope you’re reading this) and new love birds.

Now, let me start by saying that though I do think every woman should be treated like a lady, I also think that every man should be treated like a gentleman. What do I mean by that? Not every date-night needs to come from just one person. We should all work towards the end goal: finding happiness in love and make a little effort along the way.

O.K., here’s what I came up with in no special order:

Visit the flee/food market

Take your special someone for a stroll through your local flea market. There’s plenty of stuff to see, have a laugh at and enjoy. You also get to discover the likes and dislikes of the person you’re with. You can then go the the food market (or the part of your flea market where they sell produce), buy some fresh fruit and have a picnic at your local park (seeing you have somewhere to wash your fruit- sorry, has to be said). If the weather doesn’t really allow a picnic, go home and cook together or just go for a steaming hot cup of coffee or cocoa.

See a stand-up show

Laughter is really important for me, as I’m sure it’s for most of us. If a person makes me laugh, they’re on my “I’ll-like-you-forever” list. When you can laugh together, even better. It’s also not as cliché as going to the movies and not as uniform as going to the theatre.

Cook together

Food provides endless topics for conversation, it’s fun and gives you something to do with your hands (thus making you feel less self-conscious). Cook at home or if that’s not possible, take a cooking class.


By: BMiz at source.

Play card games or board games

Eat some pizza, have a bottle of red wine and a play a few of your favourite board or card games. Need I say more?

Go on a hike (especially if you have a dog!)

If you’re both the outdoorsy type, grab a couple bottles of water, maybe some sandwiches and take a nature hike with your special someone. I, myself am a sucker for animal lovers and if you have a dog you love as much as I love my little munchkin, it’s done! Animals bring people together. No joke. Try it :).

Cherries_(2543171151) (1)

By. Benson Kua at source.

Go to the supermarket and …

I know it sounds weird. Bare with me. So, you go to the supermarket and you split up. You each find two things you can eat and one thing you can drink. The drinking item has to be your favourite and one of the eating items also has to be one of your faves. Your last item, on the other hand, has to be the craziest thing you can find. Have a meal together and have a laugh. You can even blindfold each other and try to guess what the other one bought.

Go indoor rock climbing

It builds trust, you have something to do and it’s different.

Draw a portrait of each other

Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio painted Kate Winslet in Titanic? If you haven’t seen THAT, make it one of your date nights (that’s an order!). Well, what I’m talking about here really has nothing to do with that :D. Sit down with something to drink, use pencils (it could also be fun to play around with water colors) and do your best to catch the essence of the other person … or if you’re like me and can’t draw for sh**, make sure they get a good laugh out of the whole thing.

Visit a psychic

I know this may be a little out there. But it could also be a lot of fun. Just make sure you get individual readings (both being in the same room, of course), because you REALLY don’t want to ask them where they see this relationship going and then have some voice in your head telling you it’s not going to work :).


Go geocaching

This idea comes from the same friend I talked about in the beginning. It’s all explained here: I think it could be a lot of fun and most probably very different from your standard date.

Visit the playground.

Connect with your inner child and visit the playground with your special someone. Make a sand castle, swing on the swing sets and have a little fun. Just make sure you fit the weight limitations …

Try 36 questions

There was a study conducted to see if falling in love is something that can be quickened by asking a series of questions- just to give you a simple explanation. Here’s the original article I read: It’s a series of questions we don’t usually think to ask, but are, even if you don’t plan on falling in love just yet, interesting to ask and find out the answers to.

I hope you can find some ideas and inspiration for your upcoming dates. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s safe and most of all have fun.



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