Wobbled Balance


Photo by theilr at source

I won’t go into how crazy this world is. We all know it. The juggle is real: a big mass of people living as a part of a flock with every member trying to stick out and be noticed, all the while struggling to have more than others.

I get anxious even writing about it.

What it the counter balance to that, though? How do I become an entity of my own little peace amongst the jungle of people hustling around me?

Well, I’m a firm believer that we make it hard for ourselves. I also think you have to work hard to make your dreams come true. And we forget that the goal should be happiness. How can one be happy without balance? We focus so much on our goals and forget to enjoy the process. There’s a chance at every moment to at least give thanks and be appreciative of the life you live. You’re working on a dream here. That’s important! It will all be for naught if you’re miserable each and every step while working on your life goals- even if, in the end, you achieve them. What I’m saying is: there’s a chance to enjoy the process and there is also an opportunity to see that a part of the destination’s end also belongs to the journey. So, yes, give thanks to the process that is leading you towards your goal.

One other thing I like to do is remove myself. Get out and away from the mass of people or the workload and come back to it. Take a walk and just be. Hug a tree or two ;). If there’s no time to do that and I’m stuck working in front of my computer,  I at least take a minute to look out the window and watch the leaves on trees turn and sway in the wind. There is something really comforting in the fact that the world and universe are so much bigger than we are and it will all continue to move and spin even if we fail in the given task; big or small. I know it’s scary how small we are, but that’s a fact you cannot change. Why fight it?

I try to guard myself from other people’s negative energy as much as possible. Yeah, as much as possible. I haven’t learned how not to let others affect me, but I at least try to not take it personally as much; I fear I’ll go crazy if I continue to let it all get to me. There’s nothing wrong with being emphatic, but not sleeping at night, worrying over other people’s destiny (which you have zero control over) is not productive for them and neither is it productive for you. You can give more when you are calm, relaxed and in control of your thoughts.

All in all: try not to take life too seriously. In the end, your life will end if you spent it having fun and being happy or going through it miserable and envious of other peoples’ happiness. Choose your state of mind.