One-On-Top-Of-the-Other Action to Get Things Going!

Get your mind out of the gutter, people! This ain’t THAT kind of blog post :P. You’ll see what I’m talking about, so just bear with me ;).

I believe that kindness can save what’s left of this world of beauty we seem to take for granted. I write a lot about being kind to each other, all things living and the planet … it’s old news by now. But something I did yesterday got me thinking: after I washed my face, I grabbed one of the two moisturizers I use. One is for daily use and one I put on in the evening (duh!). I keep them stacked one on top of the other. I closed the night cream and automatically put the daily cream on top, so that I’d have easier access to it in the morning. Silly, right? Well, not really. The reason for my little stacking-by-need action was done is because I was being kind to the sleepy-just-woke-up me. It’s a teeny-tiny thing I did, but I did it to save a second of my precious time in the morning. And you know what? It put a smile on my face this morning. One, because I thought of what a nincompoop I am most of the time and because I cared enough to do such a seemingly silly thing.  And then I stacked my moisturizers so that the night cream is now stacked on top.


Photo by chezbeate at source.

How many times a day do you put a smile on your face because of something you did yourself and for yourself?

We seem to think that our happiness will suddenly occur after other people send a smile our way, after they give us their time, after they acknowledge how special we are, after we receive whatever it is we deem worthy of our greatness to receive. Our happiness is always a slave to other people’s graciousness and decisions: Happily Ever After after we get what we want from others and not a moment sooner! We base how fully we live our lives on things we cannot control and we can’t control how people treat us. We can’t control their level of kindness towards us. We can only control ourselves.

What if we stared being randomly kind to ourselves first? 

My little moisturizer-on-moisturizer action isn’t really anything life-shattering, I know. Who cares, though? It’s my little bubble of self-love and it made my morning a nuance brighter. To one-up that, I’ll do other things to make sure my life is full of love: eat healthy, work out, meditate, work hard, play harder and LIVE.

Loving myself means loving others and with full-force. Accepting myself fully means accepting others in equal measure. I cannot close myself away from myself and invite others in at the same time.

Self-love and kindness aren’t selfish. They’re necessary. They make our world of beauty …well … beautiful.




Random Acts of Kindness

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again. (Og Mandino)

I am currently working for and with a colorful sum of people, as freelancers tend to do. Communication is key- with any kind of relationship. I’ve learned early on that my way of living fits best with encouraging, giving back and paying it forward. In short: being kind. This goes for my personal and professional life. The easiness of the latter was shown to me by a dear friend I used to work summer camps for children with. She led with her ears and heart and she made you believe you mattered. She is still one of the people I look up to most, both professionally and personally.


Photo by reneebigelow at source.

I have a sensitive heart and hearing others be mean to each other sends my anxiety levels up, up and up. I’ve heard quite a lot of that recently at one of the offices I have business meetings in. The atmosphere was a little toxic, people were taking jabs at each other and I wanted to crawl up in a corner and create the tiniest ball of myself. Why is it so hard to find a speck of change of tone, grab some patience of the dusty shelf and use it once in a blue moon?  That particular office would benefit from it and so would the planet.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. (Aesop)

I am also lucky enough to meet a lot of wonderful new people, start personal and business relationships with them and continue to work with those I’ve had for years. I know form personal experience that all relationships, both personal and professional, work a lot better if the underlying tone is one of kindness. In practice, this simply means that you write an actual “Hello!” at the beginning of an email instead of barking orders online and off, wishing them a lovely day and listening to them when they speak.

This also means smiling at a random stranger, wishing the sales lady a nice day or helping someone find their way through the streets.

You get so much and loose absolutely nothing. 

People seem to think that kindness is expensive somehow. Sure, your path will cross with an occasional asshole on a vendetta against life itself and life doesn’t always serve unicorns shitting rainbows all over our days. But those are the situations where kindness matters most. They are situations were you grow from keeping yourself away from the toxicity and venomous vapors. Little, random acts of kindness help you grow, make you want to do more and be more.

Kindness is not the hard path. It’s the easy one.

It was awkward at first: wishing someone a kick-ass day, giving someone an extra big hug, telling people around me how proud I am of them, encouraging people, helping random strangers, wanting to help expand other people’s businesses and going the extra mile to do so and so much more. Now it’s necessary. I need all that because it makes me smile. I see the difference kindness brings to people around me: there’s a switch that turns on and a light that wasn’t there before shines through. The walls start to slowly come down and the wonderful colors of kind personalities emerge. It’s a sight to see.


Photo by reneebigelow at source.

Kindness brings forth kindness.

I have never regretted being kind to anyone, ever. I have, on the other hand, deeply regretted being mean to people. I’m not a saint and I have plenty of far from gracious moments. Those moments are never said or done because of malicious intent. I am, alas, only human.

If you take the time to think about how you feel after delivering a really low stab at someone you fully deem deserving, you’ll most probably see that is usually comes with an aura of crappy emotions and lumpy throats. We rarely feel good after bad situations: either on the receiving or giving end.

Have you ever, on the other hand,  felt excited about a particularly well-planned birthday present for someone? It makes us happy just thinking about how happy the recipient will be and we can’t wait to see the joy we’ll be bringing into their day.

That’s the difference. Negativity brings negativity and the same goes for all things deemed wonderful. It’s not rocket science, but it has the capacity to save the world.

It’s as easy as that.