Trauma = Opportunity

Depression. Anxiety. Fear. Fear of crowds. Fear of relationships. Fear. More anxiety. Caving into it all. Failing. Giving up. Not being able to breathe. Constant self-judgement and so much pressure. Tormenting yourself about every little or big thing. It never seems to stop. And there is no one to be able to console you and tell you it will all be okay. You wouldn’t believe them even if they told you a million times. And they probably have.

Sometimes all you have is that pit. But just try to look up …

There is so much power left in you.

Do the stress, anxiety and pain overwhelm you? Do you feel like it’s all you have? Maybe it is. Sometimes that’s just the only truth we find daily for our lives. Others might find so much more, but they don’t feel what you feel and what you experience is very much your own. So if there is nothing else left, use those feelings. Use whatever it is you have to create. Create little-by-little. Let those negative things shine through whatever you like to do or enjoy doing. Try to find just a little pleasure. Do you like to write? Write a little something. Just for yourself. Do you like to craft? Make something. Even if it’s just a paper plane you then watch fly across the room. And if you think there’s absolutely nothing you’re good at: ask someone who knows you about what they think you could be good at and try that. Just don’t give up. You are good at something. You are worth trying just by being.

It’s never too late.

Yes, this shit-fest is what it feels like to be alive today, but it doesn’t have to be your tomorrow. I read somewhere this morning that if you feel like you’ve been buried, it’s only because you’ve been planted to grow into greatness. It’s a beautiful thought. And today, for me, when I got up into another day of fear, anxiety, feelings of not being good enough, feeling unwanted and betrayed, it got me up and telling the Universe that I’m still here. Still looking up, sending love and light from my little heart out to anyone who needs a little encouragement and support.


Pain means you’re growing. Fear means you’re risking. Tears mean it mattered. Take what hurts you and let it help you. 

(Mandy Hale)